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What Makes a Great Team?

Like any great company, it takes a team of dedicated individuals working toward the same goal to accomplish a stated vision. The mission of Grandy & Associates is to teach contractors how to run a profitable business. With that, our mission is being accomplished each and every day due to the combined efforts of the following dedicated individuals.



Tom Grandy 110x 160Tom Grandy, Founder

Tom founded Grandy & Associates in 1987 to teach contractors how to run profitable businesses.  He is an industrial engineer by training and has over 50 years of experience in industry and small business.  Tom is responisible for developing the industry's leading software program, "Labor Procing for a Profit" as well as creating the "Profit University Audio Series".  He also writes articles for numerous trades publications.

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Bill Kinnard 4719_soft -CropBill Kinnard, President

Bill joined Grandy & Associates in 2005 & is currently the President and owner of the company  He has over 30 years experience in the trades industry.  He has conducted decades of business, financial, technical & customer service training.  Bill has a unique ability to connect with people & a real passion for teaching contractors to better understand their businesses as well as to help their employees become superior performers.

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Paul Sauvey 4753 Soft Crop

Paul Sauvey, Business Manager

Paul joined Grandy & Associates in 2013 with over 15 years of Business Management experience.  His duties include; but are not limited to; managing the finances, strategic planning and quality assurance of the company and business as a whole.  In addition, Paul also coordinates all meetings and events as well as handling the daily operations of the company.

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Nikki Stathas Soft CropNikki Stathas, Project Manager

Nikki joined Grandy & Associates in 2013 and is responsible for development of products and services offered by Grandy & Associates. Her primary focus is the development and production of all online training programs and materials.  In addition, Nikki also assists in the ongoing maintainence and updating of the company's website.

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Lori Stuckert 4801 Soft CropLori Stuckert, Sales & Administrative Assistant

Lori joined the Grandy team in 2016 and is responsible for the day-to-day administrative operations.  Including but not limited to following up with all participants of the training sessions. She also coordinates all of the email marketing campaigns for the purpose of informing companies of upcoming training and opportunities to aid them in running more profitable businesses.

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Gene Heacock HeadshotGene Heacock, Team Solutions Manager

Gene joined the Grandy team in 2014 to head our Team Solutions division. He brings over 40 years of leadership development & experience as well as team training and coaching experience.  He is passionate about serving people by helping them achieve their growth potential as a leader thus enhancing their business and making them more profitable.

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Rob Rusniaczek 4656 Soft CropRob Rusniaczek, Trainer & Business Consultant

Rob joined the Grandy Team 2015.  As an engineer and entrepreneur, Rob has over 25 years of experience in business.  He has worked as Director of Operations, responsible for HVAC sales, service management, implementing technologies and  work processes for day-to-day operations.  Rob has tremendous energy and helps companies to create alignment and success.

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Patrick Chapman 4594 Soft Crop VignettePatrick Chapman,  Trainer & Business Consultant

Patrick joined the Grandy team in 2017 with over 17 years of experience in the HVAC industry.  This includes Warehouse & Inventory Management, Service Mgmt, New Construction Mgmt, installation inspections and HVAC sales as a Home Comfort Consultant. Patrick is also experienced in new business development,  Residential and Commercial Systems design, as well as selling with financing.

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Dailia Adams HeadshotDailia Adams - Trainer & Business Consultant

Dailia joined the Grandy team in 2016 with over 30 years training experience in the field.  Most of which were with International Comfort Products, LLC, Carrier Corp, and LG Electronics, Inc.  She has conducted live classroom training all over the United States, web-based live training, and developed self-paced training on a variety of topics to be used by customers in the service industry.

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Nichole Rusniaczek 4660 Soft CropNichole Rusniaczek, Trainer & Business Consultant

Nichole joined the Grandy team in 2017 with experience in the HVAC industry as a CSR; specializing in dispatching, process development and implementation.  She holds a Bachelor's & Master's Degree in Curriculum & Instruction.  Nichole is responsible for new course development as well as training.  Her passion is in helping CSRs unlock their leadership potential.

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Rachel RasmussenRachel Rasmussen, Administrative & Marketing Support
(Rescue Desk Virtual Assistant Services)

Rachel has been working with the Grandy team since 2009. She coordinates newsletters and email marketing campaigns, manages social media, and makes sure clients are up-to-date with the latest resources, tools, and content that helps them become more profitable.

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