LEVEL ONE - Interviewing Insights:

Interviewing -Insights

Is a first-level screening tool that gives you an early look at how a perspective employee will work. This would be used as a quick, high-level screening of a larger number of applicants for a position.

This assessment provides the following information:
  • General characteristics
  • Values to the organization
  • Ideal environment
  • Interview questions
  • Style Insights Graphs and Insights Wheel

Start with the Interviewing Insights assessment to find out if the person sitting across the desk fom you is really who you think they are. Narrow down the field of candidates. Then move on to one of the Level II assessments when you're ready to make a hire. We will apply the fee for this assessment to the Level II assessment.

Where do we go from here?

After a candidate completes this assessment and you have narrowed the list of candidates to those you'd like to consider a little closer; let us convert the report to the Behaviors and Motivators or have the candidate complete the Job Benchmarking assessment to find out if they have what it takes to be a Superior Performer!  Learn more about each of these assessments below.


LEVEL TWO - Behaviors & Motivators:

Behaviors -Motivators Thumbnail

So you think you have the right person for the job?


Ask yourself these questions:


  • How well will they work with your existing employees and your customers?
  • How will I need to manage them?
  • What is it going to take to motivate them?
  • He looks good now, but how well will he maintain his work area or truck?
This is the tool you need!

Learn how improve your employees productivity and improve communications with your customers and the balance of your team. Coach them on their weaknesses and improve the level of communication throughout your company.

This assessment will provide you with the following information on each employee:
  • General characteristics - Learn general information about them.
  • Values to the organization - What they will bring to the team?
  • Descriptors - How they see themselves vs. how others see them.
  • Behavioral hierarchy - A ranking of eight behavioral traits.
  • Style Insights Graphs and Insights Wheel - How they interact with others.
  • Areas for improvement - You can find out what they are now.
  • Communicating checklist (including Do's and Don'ts) for effective management.
  • Ideal environment - What work environment do they work best?
  • Natural and adapted styles - See how their communication styles change when among different kinds of people.
  • Keys to motivating - Get the most out of every employee on your team.
  • Keys to managing - Increase productivity by managing to their strengths.
  • Time Wasters - What causes them to waste their time and what can they do about it?
  • What are their Motivators - What gets them out of bed in the morning and fires them up?


LEVEL THREE - TriMetrix JobBenchmarking:

Tri Metrix Benchmarking

The cost of making a wrong hire is expensive. When you factor in the time that's required for posting ads, interviewing and training along with the cost of lost sales due to poor customer service and lost billable time for the new hire, the actual price of that wrong hire is typically two to three times their salary.

Increase your chances of making the right hiring decision by finding out beforehand if a candidate has what it takes to be a Superior Performer in the role that you are trying to fill.


Use Benchmarking to See if Your Candidate Measures Up -

This detail level assessment will predict Behavior (how), Key Attributes (what) and Values (why) of each of your candidates. The employee's personal assessment is compared to the benchmark created specifically for the job, which will tell you if the employee has what it takes to be a Superior Performer and how well they will fit in the position available.

This assessment measures 37 separate areas and ranks them in terms of importance to the job -- 13 of those 37 areas keys to superior performance. Without proper matches in these 13 key areas, superior performance will not happen. The Management Staff Report is also included in this report.