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This is the latest version 6.00.34

We added an additional allocation method. That is space related expenses. You can now enter the approximate square footage that each department utilizes in your building(s) in the department set up. Then you can choose square footage as an allocation method when entering overhead expenses. 

The "Include in Allocation %" box is check by default.

The version number updates when software is update upon start up. 

Small bug fixes. This is a cumulative update and includes all previous updates listed below. 

Make sure you software is not currently running, then click on the link below to download and install this update.

These updates will not affect your company data.

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Ver. 6.00.34 Update (posted 2/2/2016)       



Previous Versions:

6.00.33 - Small bug fixes.  

6.00.32 - We are excited about this update. It makes creating your model and determining department allocations much easier. The update includes 3 parts:

  1. After update, you will be able go into each piece of equipment and indicate whether you want to include this piece of equipment when calculating the percentage of trucks that are used in each department.
  2. You can go into Company, Models, and Department Maintenance and modify your departments.  Here you can now be able to enter the gross sales in this department for the previous year.
  3. Once items 1 & 2 are complete, you will be able to go into any Fixed Expense, Variable Expense, or Other Income item and you will see a drop down arrow just above the department allocations. You can now choose how you want to spread that expense. The software will calculate percentages based on the data previously entered. Choices are:
    1. Manually - functions just like today where you can enter the allocation percentages.
    2. Percentage of all employees - spreads the expense based on the department allocations for all employees entered in the Labor section.
    3. Percentage of Field Labor - spreads the expense based on the department allocations for you direct labor employees entered in the Labor section.
    4. Equipment - spreads the expense based on the department allocations for the equipment that you have selected (see item 1 above) entered in the Equipment section.
    5. Sales - spreads the expense based on the percentage of sales that department makes up as entered in the department setup (see item 2 above).

The following updates were made as well:

  1. The FICA limit was updated to $118,000 for 2015.
  2. Added Tech support contact info under the Help Dropdown.
  3. Added the version number to the top bar on the home screen.
  4. A few cosmetic updates to keep it looking good.

6.00.31 - Fixed an error that cropped up with the import/export function in Ver 6.00.29.

6.00.30 - Minor bug fixes

6.00.29 - Small updates and bug fixes including:

  1. Corrects a calculation error in the Gross Sales Report introduced in ver 6.00.25.
  2. Fixed an issue where the Monthly Tracking Report Data did not transfer properly in the Export/Import process.
  3. Updated the default FICA limit to $113,700 for 2013

6.00.25 - In ver. 6.00.25, we added a new report called "Gross Sales Goals". This report breaks down your projections to show you how much revenue you need to bring in per day, weed, month and year in order to hit your goals.

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