ProfitMaxx Software

produces information that is so easy to read, any service manager or owner can easily understand the numbers.

Here are 3 report samples:


Key Performance Indicator Report - 

This is a summary report covering all 24 Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) for each technician.  At a glance you can have an excellent grasp of the overall productivity and efficiency of your entire service department. Every number on this report has a back-up report to show you the details of each item so you can pinpoint problems, increase efficiency and increase profits!

Note:  The values in the Goal column begin as an industry standard but each may be modified by the user. KPI Report


Market Location Analysis Report - 

ProfitMaxx records each call by location.  With the Market Location Analysis report, you will soon be able to pinpoint what areas are most profitable. View the report by week, month, or years.  You will find out where most of your callbacks come from and which areas have the highest average ticket price.

With this kind of information at your fingertips, you will be able to better direct your marketing dollars.  Take a look at the following report and begin to think about the overall value of this type of information and how it can increase your service department’s profitability!

Market Report

SuperTech 500 Bonus System -

Supertech 500 is a technician-bonus system based on real, accurate and measured technician performance. Key performance indicators are measured and converted into points in nine categories, all of which have solid industry defaults preset in ProfitMaxx. You can change any, or all of them to best fit your company's goals and marketing structure.

The bonus system measures the following areas:
  • Sales Leads Overall
  • Sales Leads Old Equipment
  •  Maintenance Agreements Sold
  •  Completion Ratio
  •  Personal Performance
  •  Maintenance Performance
  •  Billable Labor Ration
  • Revenue Goal Performance

 Super Tech Report


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