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"Why Do We Need To Charge So Much?"


Grandy & Associates has completely updated our ever popular "Why Charge" training video.


We now offer it in three different versions.


They include: 

Self Paced Online Training (or S.P.O.T. Module) - 

The Self Paced Online version  is for the individual who wants easy online access as well as course completion tracking and a certificate of completion good for CEUs or FAD credit hours.  It contains interactions and quizes to keep the viewer engaged and help retain the information. You will find this on our Self Paced Online Training page of the website.

 Interactive CD - 

The interactive CD version, which is identical to the online version, with interactions, quizzes and a certificate of completion.  This CD is perfect for companies that want multiple employees to take the program without the need to use the internet.

Traditional DVD - 

The DVD version is designed for group discussions.  It leaves out the interactions and quizzes to make it ideal for group training in your company. You can view any section of the program in whatever order you choose.  It is perfect for company meetings or weekly tech breifings as each section takes only 10 minutes or so to review.  The DVD also includes an Instructor's Guide to assist you in conducting the training.  This handy guide contains ideas and questions to help direct the discussion and engage the audience.  



This training program is designed to help, not only your technicians but all of your employees, understand why the company must charge, what it charges.

Using a sample company, this program explains all the costs of doing business.  Expenses your staff may already be familiar with, as well as some major costs they might not be.

Once the real costs of doing business are identified, your employee will clearly understand:
                              "Why you need to charge so much."

During this training module we will:

  • Explore the initial problem with Labor Pricing
  • Identify the cost of running a contracting company
  • Explore Equipment Replacement Costs
  • Explain all aspects of Billable & Non-Bill Labor and its impact on pricing
  • Evaluate overhead expenses and how they affect Labor Pricing
  • Discuss profit and why it's so critical to the company you work for 


Self-Paced Online Training

or S.P.O.T. Module


Only $39.95

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Interactive CD

 Only $99.95

April Sale $79.95


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Traditional DVD

w/ Instructor's Guide

 Only $99.95 

April Sale $79.95


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